Wearever Stainless Steel Cookware Reviews 2020

Wearever Stainless Steel Cookware, sometimes mistakenly called Everwear cookware  is manufactured by a company that has built a reputation for its ceramic cookware but the stainless steel cookware also enjoys high ratings from consumers. This particular 10 piece set of stainless steel cookware has many excellent features including affordability, good looks, and durability.

When you purchase the 10-piece Wearever Stainless Steel Cookware bundle you will receive one colander, 2 kitchen tools, a 9.5-inch skillet, a 5-quart Dutch oven, a 2-quart saucepan, and a 1-quart saucepan. You will also receive 3 glass lids with a stainless steel rim. The stainless steel rim is very convenient because it has a series of small and large straining holes. All of the pans and pots use a polished exterior and a18/10 stainless steel construction.

The cookware works on all types of stovetops including gas, electric, halogen, and induction. All of the cookware is dishwasher safe and can be put into an oven with a maximum temperature of 500°F. Each of the pots and pans includes a pouring spout to make straining and pouring easy. The pots and pans have a polished stainless steel surface with a tri-ply disk bottom. This provides an even and reliable heating when cooking at a low to medium heat setting.

All of the pans and pots utilize ergonomic handles which are not only safe but comfortable to grip. This allows a cook to grab a full pot of food without having his/her hand slip from the handle. The sauté pan has an easy to clean non-stick interior that should be hand washed and not put into a dishwasher. The complete set is quite light and small and therefore it is ideal for small-sized families, singles, or couples.

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Though the WearEver stainless steel complete cookware set only weighs 16 pounds, it is definitely not flimsy. The base portion of the pots and pans is quite thick. However, there are some consumers who feel that the sides are too thin. However, most consumers do not feel this to be an issue because the heat distribution is even and the food is always properly cooked. Simply remember to cook the majority of your foods on a low to medium setting.

It is important to remember that the lid handles can get quite hot and therefore, you should be careful when lifting them up during cooking. As with all stainless steel pots and pans it is important not to use steel wool or any other type of metal scouring pad for cleaning. If you do have a hard to remove food item sticking to the pot or pan, simply allow it to soak in soapy hot water. Afterwards, when the temperature of the water cools, use a dishcloth to remove the food.

For anyone who is on a limited budget but who wants to have the flexibility and quality of stainless steel cookware, the Wearever Stainless Steel Cookware bundle is an ideal choice. It would be hard to find another set of cookware that provides the exact features at the same low price.